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Witch of Requiem (before and after). Honestly not too pleased about this although it’s already my 2nd attempt for this idea. I gave up my usual style n traded for something more different and interesting. Still gt more to work on.

Story: "Choices…Decisions. He regretted it all. All those times he could’ve been with her, circumstances broke them up. Two important choices weighing heavily on both sides with equally heavy responsibilities. She has never blamed him for she understood and patiently waited for when he could come for her again. But then fate loves to play games and her time was up before he knew it. Swept her away in a blink of an eye. He never got to meet her. Days were spent yearning for her, but what’s lost is lost. He missed her and ontop of all the regrets, grew to feel aimless about his life. He heard rumours about the witch of requiem and how she has the power to let him meet his beloved. The witch is a collector. Her preferred payment is the remaining life force of the customer and their most precious item. She then weaves the life force into a requiem on her guzheng; unique to each individual, which will summon the ones they want to meet from the abyss of the dead. He gave up everything just to see her again for the guilt of living on alone and past regrets was too much to bear."

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